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For Faculty: Departmental Allocation

Departmental Allocation

Most materials are selected according to requests from faculty members and staff and are intended to support a particular class or subject area.  Faculty input is crucial to the selection of materials appropriate for use by the Wingate University community.  However, final decisions regarding additions to the Collection remain with the Library Staff.  The Reference Department staff, with faculty input, selects reference materials.  Systematic evaluation of the Collection by Faculty Departments and Library Staff exists in a three-year rotation in an attempt to weed out-of-date or unnecessary items from the Collection.

Presently the allocation is comprised of five factors:  A) the average cost of a book in the particular discipline (data provided by reputable Library trade journal), B) the total hours taught in the department (Registrar’s Office), C) number of majors enrolled in the discipline (Registrar’s Office), D) the number of full time faculty in the area (Office of Academic Affairs), and E) the percentage of the allocation encumbered by the deadline of the previous academic year (Collection Development Office).

These five factors combined create a total percentage.  That percentage denotes the department’s allocation.  All figures represented in the formula are taken from the previous academic year:  A+B+C+D+E (converted to average) / 500% = allocation percentage.

This policy, approved by the Library Committee, exists as a fair and equitable distribution of funds. 

Departmental chairs or Deans will prioritize selections within given budget limits.  It is expected that 100% of a Department’s budget will spent by the last class day of the Fall semester. Departments that fail to spend the percentage may lose that remaining portion of their allocation. 

Final decisions regarding acquisitions and purchasing will remain with the Collection Development Librarian.  The main focus of materials collected will be on the support and enhancement of teaching in specific areas, primarily on the undergraduate level.  Given budgetary limitations, some faculty research may be better supported using Interlibrary Loan or other alternative means.

See Collection Development of the Library Policy Manual

Requisition Forms

Requisition forms for requesting physical materials (books, videos, etc.) will be delivered to all department heads along with the annual allocation letters. Additional forms can be picked up at the Main Circulation Desk in the lobby of the Library.  Contact the Library Director at 704-233-8096 with questions regarding allocations.

For questions regarding online resources, contact Digital Services Librarian, Debra Hargett at 704-233-8100.