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Policy Manual: Audiovisual Equipment


Mission: The EKS Library maintains a small inventory of audiovisual equipment. This equipment is provided for educational purposes.  Requests for classroom use maintain academic priority and will be considered over requests for personal use by faculty/staff and petitions to rent by outside organizations.

Equipment Usage: The primary purpose of Library AV equipment is to serve the pedagogical and related academic needs of the Wingate University faculty.  Equipment shall be lent out strictly for the allotted time needed for a particular lecture or presentation.  Equipment cannot be lent for an entire semester or over the term of a sabbatical.

The inventory does not circulate outside the Wingate University campus.  Items required for off-campus conferences and presentations must be arranged through the institution sponsoring the event.

Library AV equipment may also be lent out to non-academic departments and groups for on-campus presentations.  Loan times shall be restricted to the amount of time required for the given presentation.  Limited loan periods may apply.

Wingate facilities that host outside organizations may rent equipment from the Library.  Limited loan periods may apply.

Inventory: The following items are presently maintained as inventory:



Laptop/LCD Combo


Laptop Computers


Overhead Projector Screens


Rental Fees: LCD/Laptop: $50/day (on campus, if available) Please note charges are applied only to outside organizations.

General Policies & Procedures:

Booking Reservations

All AV reservations are entered and tracked on the Media Module. AV room/equipment must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance of need.  Only Library Staff, not Student Library Assistants may accept equipment reservations.  When picking up reserved equipment, faculty or staff members (or student designated by said faculty or staff member) must complete the Equipment Check Out Form and present their Wingate University ID card in order to have the equipment charged out through the Media Module. Borrowed items must be returned on time.  Due to the high demand for rooms/AV equipment, the Library Staff requests that reservations be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Canceling Reservations

In the event that a room/equipment reservation becomes unnecessary, that reservation should be cancelled in a timely matter.  Rooms not claimed by patrons within 30 minutes after their reservation time shall be considered unclaimed and made available to other patrons.  Equipment not claimed after 2 hours of a reservation time will be considered unclaimed and the reservation cancelled. Patrons with more than 2 unclaimed reservations in a given semester will lose the privilege of reserving rooms and/or equipment for the remainder of the semester.   Patrons with more than 4 unclaimed reservations will have the balance of their reservations cancelled for the semester.

Late, Lost, and Damaged Items

All borrowed equipment must be returned on time.  Equipment will be considered late if returned more than 30 minutes after the scheduled return time.  Patrons, including Faculty and Staff, will be charged $1.00/hour that an item is late in being returned.  Patrons that accrue fines equal to or in excess of $10.00 will lose all reservation privileges until all fines are settled.  When returned, all equipment is inspected before being released to another patron.  Should parts be found missing upon equipment return, that equipment will not be available for use until all parts are returned.  Should an item be returned damaged due to negligence, the Department represented by the patron will be liable for its repair or replacement.  If the patron did not borrow the equipment for Departmental use, the patron will be liable for its repair or replacement.  Items not returned within 24 hours of their due date will be considered “LOST.”  If an item is not returned within a week of its due date, the Library shall send an inter-departmental transfer in the amount of the equipment cost.  Until the IDT request is resolved, no future reservations shall be made to members of that entire Department.


Policy Updated: April 2015

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