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Policy Manual: Circulation


Circulation Desk Mission 

Circulation Desk policies and procedures are created to efficiently track and control movement and usage of all items in the Ethel K. Smith Library collections. These procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis and as new needs arise.

Student Library Assistants

Wingate University students are hired each semester to work as Student Library Assistants. Interested students should request an application from the Public Services Manager. Student Assistants are trained each Fall in current policies and procedures of the Library. Each Assistant has a daily assigned work location and tasks to be completed while at that location.

  • Click here for the Student Library Assistant Application Form.

Patron Assistance

For patrons with disabilities, injuries, or physical limitations, staff at the Main Circulation Desk will assist with retrieval of materials. In the event that a patron has difficulty accessing the building or any of the areas or services in the facility, simply ask at the Desk or call ahead at 704-233-8089.

Checkout Policy

All patrons must present their University ID or other Membership card in order to check out any/all items in the Library. This includes reserves and items that are only used in the building. Faculty may give written permission for a Student to charge out an item on their ID. In this event, the Student must also present his/her ID and be charged as the Proxy Patron. The Proxy Patron information allows the Library staff to properly track item usage. Patrons without one of the above forms of ID are welcome to use the items in the Main Stacks and Reference while in the Library.

WU Students and WU Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty may check out a maximum of 12 items at any one time. There are no checkout limits for full-time WU Faculty.

Membership Cards

Membership cards may be requested at the Main Circulation Desk. A membership form must be completed and accompany payment for membership. Memberships must be renewed annually.

‚ÄčWingate University Family Cards

All children/spouses of Wingate University faculty/staff are eligible for Family cards. These patrons are required to apply for a Family card rather than use the card of a parent/spouse.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Wingate University Library is an organization created to encourage an understanding of the work of the Library, and to attract,  through gifts or bequests, new resource materials. Memberships are available in several forms. See this link for details.

CAEC Faculty Card

Issued to WU full-time faculty to access member libraries in the Charlotte Area Educational Consortium. Card must be issued by the Library Director or Public Services Manager.

Loan Periods

Books (Main Stacks

  • WU Faculty: 1 semester
  • WU Students: 3 weeks (1 week during Summer Sessions)
  • All Other Patrons: 3 weeks

Book Renewal (same item may not be renewed more than 1 time)

  • WU Faculty: 1 semester
  • WU Students: 1 week
  • All Other Patrons: 1 week

Videos/DVDs/CDs/Multimedia (viewing stations available for in-building use)

  • WU Faculty: 3 days
  • WU Students: 3 hours (in-building use only)
  • All Other Patrons: 3 hours (in-building use only)

Individual Study Rooms

  • All Patrons: 3 hours

Reference Materials

  • WU Faculty: 3 days
  • All Other Patrons: In-building use only

Course Reserves (in-building use only)

  • All Patrons: 3 hours
  • Exception: WU Faculty member that placed item on reserve may check it out of the Library
  • Periodicals (in-building use only)
  • All Patrons: 3 hours
  • Exception: WU Faculty may check out periodical items for a specific class with special permission from a Reference Librarian

Overdue Items and Late Fines

Should a student have more than five overdue items, his or her checkout privileges will be suspended. Late fines are applied to items returned after their due date. Late books will be fined at a rate of 25¢ per book per day late. Should the total fines for a student equal or exceed $10.00, checkout privileges will be suspended until the fines are paid or are sent to the Business Office. Fines that remain unpaid at the end of a month will be forwarded to the Business Office for collection. All Library items that are not returned at the end of each semester are considered “Lost.” Lost items are fined at the amount it would cost to replace the item plus Late Return Fees and a Processing Fee. These fines are also sent to the Business Office for collection.

If a Lost item is returned to the Library, a credit will be issued for the replacement cost and any additional late fees determined by the Public Services Manager.

Suspension of Patron Privileges

The Library may apply fines to an account or suspend account privileges at any time deemed necessary by the Library staff. Causes for either or both of these actions are listed below. Extreme violation(s) of privileges will be addressed through the Office of Student Affairs.

The following examples of account violations are meant to be illustrative rather than exhaustive:

  • Overdue book fines
  • “Lost” status applied to checked out material(s)
  • Failure to return recalled item(s) within a timely manner
  • Inappropriate use of Library material(s): highlighting the text, notes written in the text, etc.
  • Excessive damage of Library item(s), which exceeds the normal wear of scholarly use, while in the possession of the borrower: water, food, or pet damage, etc.

Guest Patron Usage Policy

As defined by the operating Mission Statement, the Ethel K. Smith Library of Wingate University identifies its primary patron base as: Wingate University students, faculty, staff, Wingate University family members, and Friends of the Library patrons. On a secondary level, the Library, in conjunction with teachers from area high schools, extends its services, use of the collection, and Bibliographic Instruction program to various high school classes. Finally, the Library makes available its resources to the members of the community. Community members who are not a part of one of the aforementioned groups are defined as Guest Patrons. The Library does emphasize academic aspects of community service and outreach.

Guest Patron Requirements

  • All guest patrons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order to use any of the Library’s resources (Maximum ratio – 1 adult for every 5 children).
  • Guest patrons are expected to follow the same code of conduct as Wingate University students, faculty, staff, and Friends of the Library patrons.
  • Guest patrons requesting the resources of the Library Lab are required to sign in for privileges at the Main Circulatuion Desk with photo ID card or FOL membership card.
  • Guest patrons are subject to dismissal at the discretion of the Library Staff.
  • For all guest patrons that are participants in either a Campus or Off-Campus group (such as Passport or the Helms Leadership Conference), the supervision of the users is the responsibility of the sponsoring department/agency.
  • Exceptions to the above for faculty/staff children are at the discretion of the Library Staff.

Filtering Statement

The Ethel K. Smith Library supports the academic curriculum and research needs of Wingate University. No filtering devices are employed. This is a university environment and it may not be suitable for unsupervised children. The Library Staff cannot and will not be responsible for monitoring the searches of guest patrons.

Food, Drink, and Tobacco Products

Food and drinks, in containers with resealable lids, are allowed in designated areas of the Library. Designated areas do not include the Library Lab, the Main Stacks, or the Reference Computer Commons. No tobacco products are allowed anywhere in the Library.

Cell Phones

The Library is a quiet place to study and research. Patrons may be encouraged to exit the Library in order to use cell phones, at the discretion of Library Staff.  All patrons are asked to be mindful of courteous volume levels, ringtones, conversations, etc.

Items Discovered without Barcodes

If an item from the Ethel K. Smith Library collection is discovered without a barcode in the book bag or on the person of a patron attempting to leave the library, or if the item is otherwise damaged in such a fashion where it would be reasonable to assume that an attempt has been made to circumvent the theft-detection system, the library staff will assume there is an intent to steal the item. In such a situation, the item will be kept in the library, the names and ID #s of the patrons involved will be recorded, and the matter will be addressed through the Office of Community Standards.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to a Supervisor or Librarian.

Policy Updated: April 2015


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