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GPS 210: Global Perspectives in Literature - Mitchell: Building Searches

Hit or Miss V. Phrase Searching

 Hit or Miss Search

Hit or Miss Search: gender roles ancient greece

simple search

Thanks to Google's engineering our hit or miss search is relevant, but see how our key words are ungrouped?

 Phrase Searching " "


Phrase Search: "gender roles" and "ancient greece"

phrase search

This time our words are grouped as we'd like to see them!

<image citation: >

Boolean Operators

Search: "5th Century" OR "401-500 CE" OR "Ancient"

Results contain all of the sources that contain ANY of those search terms.

And, +

Search: medea AND "gender roles
Results contain sources with BOTH of those terms

Not, -

Search: "Gender Roles" AND "Ancient Mediterranean" NOT Rome

Results contain sources containing results relating gender roles in the ancient Mediterranean
WITHOUT those focusing on Rome.

Let's try these out.

Truncation and Wild Cards


Truncation symbols, typically the * or ?, allow for you to search for variations of a root word.

Search:  *gender*


12+ searches in 1!



Wildcards, typically the #, look for all possible variations of a letter in a single position within a word.

Search: Wom#n
Woman, Women, Womyn, Wom!n, Wom@n


Sample Search Strategy

Search Strategy

Search #

Searched forResults
1 medea 30839*
2 medea AND euripides 4116*
3 medea AND euripides AND ("gender roles") 74°
4 medea AND euripides AND ("gender role*") 77°
6 medea AND euripides AND ("gender role*" OR "sex role*" OR "women* role*") 111°