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GPS 120: Perspectives in World Cultures - Hyland: Research Planning


Articles, Books, & More...

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Step 1: Search Terms from Research Question

Starting Reaserch Question:

What were gender relations like in Ancient Japan, specifically pertaining to Shintoism?

 Find important words, and refine ambiguous terms:

       What were gender relations like in Ancient Japan specifically pertaining to Shintoism?

(clarify or expand: Gender Relations)

Good Initial Search Terms:

Gender Relations/Gender Roles, Women, Ancient Japan/Japan, Shintoism


Step 2: Get Background Information


  • Overview   -   Gain a broad understanding of your topic
  • Definitions - Be an informed reader
  • Notable Names - Know the major players
  • Dates & Events - Contextualize your topic
  • Bibliographies - Fish those citations!

 General Encyclopedias

 Use Fetch to find online encyclopedia entries aka Research Starters for your search terms: Shinto

  • Wikipedia: Shinto (Remember, use only for preliminary research and information from appropriate references)

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

Extensive;scholarly - Gain a more in-depth understanding of your topic

Step 3: Gather More Search Terms

Build a list of keywords and synonyms


 Woman • Female • Miko Priestess Jinja Maiden
Roles • Relations • Social Position • Social Condition • Treatment
Shinto • Shintoism • Shamanism
Japan  Japanese Nippon