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GPS 120: Perspectives in World Cultures - Hyland: Organization of Materials

Library of Congress Organization

Most academic libraries use the Library of Congress system. The system is fairly easy to understand if you know how to read it.

Books are assigned a main subject, and then divided into sub-subjects as needed.

Library of COngress Main Subject Headings

Items are then divided into sub-headings: Let's look at the D's.

LOC subject Heading D with sub-headings

Finally books are further divided into even more specific subject headings:

LOD numerical subject headings

Books on Ancient Japan would be in the DS 801 - DS 897 area.

Finding useful articles with Fetch!

How to search Fetch! for Books, E-Books and other resources:

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link located beneath the basic search box on the Fetch! landing page.

  2. Our first search term will be  "japan" in quotation marks.
  3. Repeat in additional rows as necessary...e.g. you could add "history" as a keyword.

  4. Next check the option.

  5. Now click the Search button.

Interpreting your results:

The main column on the page consists of the results of your search. You can sort the results by publication or relevance, and limiters that can be used to narrow your search results appear in the left column of the page.

The limiters are comprehensive, the options available to you appear in the table below.

You can choose to see
only Peer-Reviewed, Full-Text,
and/or abstracted entries.
You can also limit your publication
You can limit your results by 
source type.
Other limiting options are available.
Click the drop-down arrows to see
everything that's available.

When you find your book: Write down or take a photo of the Call No. and off you go to the Location!

  • If you are looking for additional material that the EKS does not possess, feel free to check to identify material for ILL.

Finding your books:

E-Reference Sources

Sample Print Reference Resources for History