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CCR 490: Sports Topic, Research, Evaluation, & Grants: Classifying Resources

Types of Periodicals

Scholarly Journals, magazines, newspapers, and trade publications: what's the difference?

Check out this video on "Magazines and Scholarly Journals" from the University of Arkansas Libraries.

MAGAZINES: contain articles on topics of popular interest written in a non-scholarly style, while journals contain articles of original research and commentary including footnotes and works cited.

TRADE PUBLICATIONS: publications aimed at readers who operate within a specific industry. They contain information such as industry news,  job ads, buyer’s guides, and legislative information. They may or may not contain properly attributed information.

SCHOLARLY JOURNALS: are peer-reviewed or refereed journals. Prior to publication, articles undergo a critical review process by experts / referees on the subject who evaluate the quality of the research.

NEWSPAPERS: published daily and filled with factual information about events. Editorials and opinion pieces should be recognized as pieces theorizing why's and how's of an event and may be prone to bias.



Make sure you are using the appropriate type of resource required by your professor. If in doubt, just ask a librarian - we'll be glad to help!