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Statement of Confidentiality: Home

Patron records, the most fundamental and integral principles of librarianship.

Statement of Confidentiality

All library records are strictly confidential and protected by law. This is one of the most fundamental and integral principles of librarianship. The records of an individual patron cannot and will not be revealed. Please do not put a member of the library staff in the uncomfortable position of refusing such a request. The following requests will be denied:

Circulation and Patron Records

  1. A request for the circulation records of faculty, staff, student, or other library card holder by someone else.
  2. A request by a faculty member for the identities of students who borrowed reserved items.
  3. A request to review the circulation records of a student suspected of plagiarism.
  4. A request to see interlibrary loan borrowing records.
  5. A request for addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, or other personal information contained in the patron database.
  6. A request to see a list of individuals who are not members of the university community but who have been granted library borrowing privileges (FOLs).
  7. A request by a parent for title information regarding fines or other fees by the library to Student Accounts Receivable.

Other Examples

  1. A request for the name of the person who has signed out a particular item.
  2. A request to review past use of study room, listening room, study carrel, or CD-ROM work station.
  3. A request to reveal the nature of a patron's reference request or database search.
  4. A request for the names of persons who have used audiovisual materials.
  5. A request for a list of suggested acquisitions submitted by a particular patron when that patron is not a member of the requesting department.
  6. A request from law enforcement authorities for the identity of anyone conducting research on a particular subject.

Source: The Whole Library Handbook

Updated September 1, 2009