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About Our Mission


Library Mission

In keeping with the Wingate University mission to develop educated, ethical, and productive citizens at home and abroad, the Ethel K. Smith Library serves as a gateway for all students, faculty, and staff to access, explore, and evaluate a variety of traditional, multi-media, and electronic resources which support the University’s curriculum and facilitate academic inquiry.  Fostering a foundational sense of lifelong learning for all constituents is paramount to the librarians and the library staff.

Library Goals

In keeping with the EKS Library mission, the librarians and library staff endeavor to:

  • Offer a welcoming, research-oriented, and engaging environment which fosters academic inquiry
  • Provide access to collections, resources, and programming services in a variety of formats, physical and virtual
  • Encourage faculty members to actively participate in collaborative collection development practices supporting the foundations of academic freedom by developing a diverse collection of materials which present differing perspectives
  • Instill the elements of information literacy including information access, evaluation, and the ethical use of information and intellectual property through reference transactions and library instruction sessions cooperatively designed by librarians and faculty

Policy Updated May 2, 2011

Library Policies

Ask A Librarian!

Amee Odom's picture
Amee Odom
Wingate University
EKS Library, Director
P.O. Box 159
Wingate, NC 28174

Faculty Assembly Committee on Library & Instructional Services

Jacob Plummer (19), Chair           

John Aquaviva (20)

Lacey Ritter (20)

Jim Hastings (19)

Rebekah Kelleher (18)

Sandi Mills (18)

Geniece Monde (20)          

Jay Wilder (20)           

Nana Wolfe-Hill (19)                          

David Mitchell (20)

Amee Odom, Library Director, ex officio

Heather Kehr, Pharmacy, ex officio

Student Representatives:

Keke Pernell & Luis Aguilar