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Library of Congress Call Number Scheme: Home

Find Library items by location.

Library of Congress Call Number Scheme and EKS Library Main Stacks Location

Use the general Library of Congress Call Number Scheme below to determine on which floor of the Main Stacks your item is located. For a full call number listing by subject, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Items with Library Location of Young Adult or Juvenile are located in the Mary Ann Kincaid Children's Room on the second floor of the Library off of the Haskins Room. Key checkout for this room is available at the Main Circulation Desk.

Items with Library Location of Reference are located on the shelves next to the Reference Computer Commons (underneath the W'International flag collection).


1st Floor Main Stacks: A-F and Oversized Collection

A General Works

B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

C Auxiliary Sciences of History

D World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

E-F History of the Americas


2nd Floor Main Stacks: G-PQ

G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

H Social Sciences

J Political Science

K Law

L Education

M Music

N Fine Arts

P Language and Literature


3rd Floor Main Stacks: PR-Z

P Language and Literature

Q Science

R Medicine

S Agriculture

T Technology

U Military Science

V Naval Science

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)